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The first blogshop this week is Bella Ressa, and it’s their first time at Sunday Advertorials!
Big round of applause for this blogshop!
They have got everything floral and girlie, I’m loving their cute dresses a lot!

It’s not hard to notice that the apparels at Bella Ressa are all vibrant in colors –
perfect for the girlies who love Sunday picnics or girlfriend gatherings!
Other than that, they have got many other glamourous dresses suited for dinners and parties too.
In a nutshell, this place got everything you’d ever need from day to night.

To keep yourself updated about the goodies at Bella Ressa,
do not hesitate to be part of their mailing list now!
For Facebook people, check out their fan page here as well.

Meanwhile, here are a couple other dresses to tempt you while you’re still here!

As for the second blogshop this week, we’ve got another returning blogshop.
I love the huge collections that Everyday Shopper presents –
they are all packed with awesome pieces made in great material.
And of course, this current collection is yet another out to wow us all!

Check out the apparels from their new collection!
If you’re a big fan of everything satin, then you’ve got to click on their link to view the gorgeous dresses.
I have also featured some of their star products and
some other awesome pieces from the previous collections.

For the Chinese New Year promotion, all mailing listees will get to enjoy 10% discount off listed prices.
On top of that, the girls at Everyday Shopper will also be throwing in free normal postage!
Promotions ends 28th February. So please hurry, my girls!

And all SIXPEGS readers will be entitled to an additional 5% discount.
(Not applicable for sale items and $10 Specials)

Do check out their awesome new pieces and sale pieces, ladies!
Have fun.

A friend of mine started out her blogshop not too long ago and I think as a good friend,
I should help her with the first round of advertisements!

Her website has just launched their first ever collection!
I see lots of pretty dresses that are fashionable and different from those from other websites too!
Check out her website at Divine Candy now!

There are lots of exclusive imports that are limited in numbers.
And as far as I can see, there are lots of pieces that will be very popular –
so do grab them as early as you can to avoid disappointment! :)

For now, simply quote SIXPEGS for 10% off 1 item and 15% if you buy 2 items or more!

Do support her wokays? *hops around*


The first shop up this week is Fameworkz, a considerably new blogshop.
Although they only started out not too long ago, they have been producing very impressive collections.
This is going to be your favourite if you’re into dresses,
because this blogshop sells mainly dresses imported from overseas!
They will soon be bringing in office wear and more dresses for frequent casual wear as well.

Do check this space!
They in the midst of discussion with their supplier and soon
might be able to launch exclusive imported collections every single month!
If you love unique apparels that are exclusively imported, this is definitely your place.

The second blogshop this week is none other than Button Down, another one of my favourite blogshops.
This website is different from the rest because they have got their items exclusively brought in from Korea!
But right now, they also have an instock collection so you can get your lusts and wants within a shorter time.

I am so loving the gorgeous apparels here at Button Down.
And they not only show you the apparels themselves,
but also ways to mix and match the items to stand out from the crowd!
If I were you, I’d be so spoil for choices here at Button Down.
Do join their mailing list for more details and updates!

The next blogshop Pieces of Summer is also another returning blogshop at Sunday Advertorials.
This website not only has the most glamourous looking dresses, but also one of the prettiest model around.
I love how Anna look in these gorgeous dresses!

In this feature, all the dresses you’re seeing are special and limited to only Piece of Summer.
Romantic, soft and definitely very stylish – this is where you want to shop for your lovely dresses.
All you ladies out there who wants to look effortlessly chic and feminine?
Come this way now and visit Pieces of Summer!

The next blogshop up this week is none other than The Day Label.
This blogshop has a wide variety of dresses, everything from stylish streetwear to feminine glamourous ones.

The best thing is, the collections at The Day Label are huge!
As a matter of fact, there are over 10 pieces in their very first collection.
I love how the pictures are being presented – neat, young and definitely gorgeous and energetic too!
Here is another two pictures to let you know what is in store here at The Day Label.
I love this dress and trust me, there are many other awesome items in here.

Last but not least, yet another returning website at the Sunday Advertorials.
Hey Lolita has some of the most awesome dresses around in blogosphere.
Whether you’re looking for something funky and chic, or feminine and soft,
you’ll definitely be able to find something here.
They carry dresses and apparels of such various styles, woo! I’m in love!

Other than that, the website is also neat and easy to navigate.
The pictures are well taken and gives a good representation of the colours of their items,
making online shopping such an easy and enjoyable thing to do.
Check out some of these special picks, and if you like them,
do click on their link to see more!


The first website featured this week is an exciting website packed with many many goodies up for grabs!
Round of applause to welcome Almost Famous!

This website is brand new, but the dresses you can find here are absolutely amazing!
Everything looks glamourous and perfect for all the cocktail events you might have.
Want to look fabulous and expensive? This is the place to buy fashion at a friendly price tag.

There is a 15% storewide promotion that will last from now until 28th March 2010.
To celebrate their grand opening, there is also a wardrobe makeover worth $300 to be won!
Check out their website for more details under “News & Features”!
Look at these awesome picks from the website. Be tempted! :p

The second blogshop is another place for you to find those dreamy and feminine dresses.
White Fairy however, not only carries girlie floral dresses but also many other styles and designs!
Looking for something sexy or funky?
This is definitely the website to check out!

The girls at White Fairy are always so friendly and helpful, making shopping always a fabulous experience!
The dresses they carry are of various styles, so there will definitely something for everybody.
I have also picked out a couple dresses to be featured for the website,
do check them out, and if you like what you’re looking at,
do not hesitate to join their mailing list right away!

The third shop this week is another one that will steal your heart away.
Hana Secret has a simply amazing website with great pictures and layout.
Its romantic and feminine mood gives all female shoppers a great feeling of home!
I personally love the apparels here at Hana Secret – everything looks great and comes at a right price.

Hana Secret comes with not only English, but also a Chinese website.
The website is very easy to navigate.
On top of that, there are also tabs like “Best Sellers” & “Promotions” to make shopping more enjoyable!

And the last shop this week is no stranger to Sunday Advertorials.
Fashion Motion is back to wow us again this time!

In their new collection, Fashion Motion brings to us many awesome dresses.
I love the laces and many great colors the dresses come in!
There is also another great product in their new collection – the low back bra strap convertor!
This converter is great for low back dresses!
It is definitely essential, and is a low cost to change any bra to low back bra!

All images are copyright of http://www.mademoisellemadness.com and may not be used in any way, shape or form without prior written permission from http://www.mademoisellemadness.com , this includes posting to blogs and/or websites or using in ANY work.

For purchase of image and photography services, please contact mademoisellemadness@gmail.com.

Dopestreet has just launched their latest collection today at 2pm.
Hurry on to their website to take a look at their hot product – the Dopestreet wedges!
These gems are flying off the racks like hotcakes because they look hot, and are SO comfortable to be in!
These wedges are manufactured by Dopestreet and is exclusively theirs only!
They have already sold more than 200 pairs (!!).
The current grey/pink version is the latest improved version with 100% inner suede lining.
Mmm. Comfy! :)
Remember to make payment before commenting.

Other than pretty shoes, Dopestreet has everything else you need for V-day and Chinese New Year too!
February is the month where Dopestreet will celebrate their 3rd birthday,
so expect lots of celebration-worthy discounts and privileges this month!
Do join their mailing list to know more about all the good stuff here!

SIXPEGS readers now enjoy 5% off Collection 36!
Simply quote SIXPEGS to enjoy the promotion.
Dopestreet hardly has any promotions at all, so you girls are really in luck! :p

The second blogshop up this week is none other than Eleganz Femme.
This blogshop is brand new and is owned by friendly Francine.
Eleganz Femme has various dresses that are simple but can look very sexy if you match them well!

And my favourite of the lot? It’s gotta be this dress called Nicolette.
Lose the underneath if you wanna look smoking hot, if you’re more conservative,
it looks fabulous and demure if you wear it like the model in the picture as well!

For SIXPEGS readers, simply buy 2 items and above to enjoy a 5% discount now!

The third blogshop this week belongs to friend of mine.
Absurd-ity has got really fabulous collections, you’ll never be disappointed!
Frilly dresses, smart looking numbers, whatever you need –
they’ve got it there!
Check out these gorgeous items we picked for this week’s feature!

The Chinese New Year Promotions is available right now!
Under this promotions, rest assured that all your items will arrive at your doorstep before CNY.
This is a guarantee from the girls at Absurd-ity to you, happy shopping now girls!
For more information, please visit Absurd-ity now.

The next blogshop featured this week Erin Chocolat.
This website has sugar, spice and everything nice.
Girlie girls, watch this space if you love pretty feminine dresses!

If you are not the kind who like to wait for your items in the mail,
do opt for the mass meetup session that will take place before Chinese New Year.
That way, it’ll ensure that there will not be any cases of lost mails,
and ensures you that you’ll get your stuff before Chinese New Year! :)

Erin Chocolat just launched their Label dress at 8pm!
This is their first in-house label design and it’ll definitely be worth checking out.
There will also be a free gift with every purchase of the ErinChocolat Label dress if you join the mailing list.
Watch this space!

The Princess Closet is another awesome blogshop with many adorable dresses to offer.
We are all excited about their latest item, the Lux Label design!
It is available in two colors, and is made of great fabric – incredibly good quality.
Do check out this link to view more pictures of this item!

Here are some of the other new arrivals here at The Princess Closet.
There is now another new way to order clothes at this website – the online order form!
To learn more about it, please check out this link.

In their current promotion, there are free K-Box vouchers to be given away!
· Spend more than $200 in a single receipt and win yourself $10 K Box vouchers
· Spend more than $300 in a single receipt and win yourself $20 K Box vouchers

Happy shopping now girlies!

Trixette is the last shop to be featured this weekend, but trust me when I say they have awesome items!
Trixette is an online fashion store with a mission solely to
bring the latest fashion trends and inspirations to all fashionistas!

Their apparels are sourced from countries around the world to bring you the various styles.
From chic corporate wear, high street fashion, weekend casual outfits, vintage threads to stylish accessories –

Trixette has it all!

At Trixette, nothing is more important than the well being of their beloved customers.
From fashion forward apparel to the prettiest packaging,
the girls at Trixette has pledged to make shopping at Trixette fun and enjoyable!

For all readers, simply quote SIXPEGS to enjoy 10% discount off in a single order*!
Ongoing promotions will include FREE SHIPPING on orders over $60!

What’s more appealing to a girl than a sale? Do check out their Sale section for up to 40% off!

*SIXPEGS promotion ends 21 Feb 2010.

For more updates and promotions, do join their mailing list, Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!


The first blogshop up this week is The Gorgeous Look.
This website here has everything from casual outfits to glamourous dresses,
definitely something you will adore very much!

Packed with tabs like “What’s New” and “What’s Available”, shopping is now so easy here!
This newly set up blogshop has just launched their Collection Two.
I personally love the pretty floral dresses and girlie frocks stacked up in here.
Gorgeous floral printed dresses just never fail to make my day! :)

The second shop up this week is Dressy Avenue.
This website also has all their apparels separated into various tabs,
whether it’s tops, bottoms or sale items – you can now get to them in just a simple click!

Dressy Avenue will soon have a rack in The Blogshop.
The Blogshop will be opened on 3rd February 2010 at Far East Plaza, so be excited girls!
This blogshop is packed to the brim with quirky and vintage looking apparels,
and their stuff are very different from the other blogshops I’ve seen.
I love the vibrant colours of their items, I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Mokoya is another awesome blogshop which imports their goods personally from Korea every month!
It’s different from other shops who would get their Korean goods through wholesale markets,
so be ready for some really unique and fabulous items here at Mokoya!

The apparels here are limited in quantities because they want their customers to own something very unique.
Basic items are available in 3-5 pieces per colour/design,
and more expensive items are only limited to 2 to 3 pieces per colour/design!

On top of that, Mokoya brings you many pretty accessories too!

The good news is, there will soon be a Chinese New Year sale coming up!
The sale will take place from 1st February until 14th February 2010.
Simply quote “CNY2010” at the shopping bag page to enjoy the special privileges.

The next blogshop Casual Glamour has many glamourous and feminine dresses on sale.
On top of that, you’ve got to check out their items on the gorgeous model Andrea Teo!

Casual Glamour is now having their Collection Two,
so please do lend your support to this up-and-coming new website!
They have dresses that are casual enough for you to go shopping in,
but also good enough to bring you to fancy parties!

The White Buttons has everything a good website requires.
Lots of pretty and feminine dresses, a pretty model, and friendly personnel to attend to your orders.
Now at their third collection, do check out if you love these items from The White Buttons!

If you’re a big fan of floral dresses and anything with lace,
don’t miss out on some of the great dresses they have in store right now!
Do pick something for the upcoming Chinese New Year or Valentines’ Day from here!

The last blogshop up this week is none other than Beattific.
Like what its name might suggest, this blogshop combines beauty with everything terrific!
Well that’s what I think at least.
Do check out what they have in store for you, see if anything catches your eye!

Beattific promises dresses and apparels made of tip-top quality material,
and I’m sure it’s not hard to realize that from looking at their pictures!
I love the romantic looking dresses on sale, definitely something I’d want to be in during Valentines’ Day!
Look your best during that romantic day, pick something from Beattific now! :)


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