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Movie Stub Cycle
Woof & Meow
The Journey Begins
Hey Jules
Hello Best Friend
To: The Future Me
My Grandparents
The Wise Man Says
Mr & Mrs Lan
New Smiles
First of The Gang
My Ukulele
Life, Death, and Getting Retained in School
Sinsin and Tingkang
Grandma is never too far away
She loves her
For The Naked Bulb
Ten Years From Now
My graduation from NTU
The PUMA Da Mouth Party
My Kindergarten Days
Issei Sagawa
Terrorism that’s Personal
Makeup Tutorial
Que Sera Sera
When I was 12
Tonight I can write the saddest lines
Rossie’s Hen Night
We’re going to The Islands
My Mother’s Emotions
New Face is Finally Over!

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10 Not-So-Hollywood movies
10 Best iPad Apps
10 things you can do to make the world a better place
My 10 favourite “based on true story” movies
10 Different Ways to Say I Love You
10 Anti Theft Gadgets
10 Germiest Places You Least Expected
10 of my Hottest Girlfriends
10 Reasons Why Relationships Fail
10 of my Favourite Movies
10 kinds of Disgusting Men


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