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Before I harp on and on about my daily random stuff, I want to thank foodpanda for the treat today!
From the last time I checked, food panda has grown SO SO much!
(The last time I ordered, they only had a lot of Indian cuisines)
I am impressed by how many, many big brands are now on foodpanda and that means
I can have anything I want to eat delivered right to my doorstep!


Today, our choice of food for lunch was from Popeyes!
Foodpanda provided us with the option to pay via Paypal, Credit Card or by cash.
I am also happy that the time taken for the food to arrive was accurate
according to what’s stated on the website before I confirmed my order.

One of the Hero girls, Kasey enjoying the food. :p


Other than the website, foodpanda is now also available on App!
Home delivery FTW! :D
Try it out if you haven’t had your first foodpanda experience yet!

– – –

A and I recently brought around some friends from Italy as well.
I cannot emphasise how proud the two of us are as Singaporeans; bringing them around the island,
telling them how Singapore was like and how Mr LKY grew it into today’s Asia Tiger.

They were overwhelmed by how Singaporeans reacted to our Minister Mentor’s demise.

I have never been more proud of what we call the “Kampong Spirit“.


This picture cracks me up all the time. :p


Brought them to the IT Show and they loved it.


We were surprised that they actually enjoyed the durian!


On their last day in Singapore, we gave Chef Andrea one of our Sir Antonio tees.


He went home in our tee! How cute! :p


We met Chef Andrea and Filip during our dessert course in Italy, and we’re so happy to have them in Singapore.
Cannot wait for all our plans to work together to become reality! *thrilled*


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March 31, 2015 at 12:45 am

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