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Tokyo 2014 II

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I’d like to rave about my 3-Day Juice Cleanse Detox experience!
All thanks to BeMyGuest, I found out that there are actually a lot more interesting activities
in Singapore that I’ve been missing out on all these while.

BeMyGuest is the largest tours and activities aggregator in Asia.
They have a free content system and their suppliers manage their own tours and activities by themselves directly,
that means that response time is quicker and you can skip the whole administrative dilly-dally thing.
There are a lot of activities and programmes for many destinations across Asia,
and just looking at them makes me want to travel, like immediately! Haha!

It was my first time on a detox programme and the whole 3 days was easier to deal with than I imagined.
I thought I would be starving half the time! :p
I was given 6 bottles of organic cold pressed juices that came in a pretty cooler bag!
The bottles are all clearly labelled so I will not get confused.

Know what the biggest surprise is?
The juices were actually really delicious and it made me very happy!

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 9.15.16 pm

There was a good mix of fruits, vegetables and even nuts in the juices.
You might think that a nutty juice might sound weird, but it’s super yummy, I tell ya! :p
Fortunately I was in the cafe most of the time during the 3 day detox period, so a toilet was easily accessible.
The juices made me visit the toilet more often than ever.
I felt that my system was so “clean” that whatever I drank came right out faster than usual! Heh.

I felt “cleaner” and it also urged me to start making healthier choices when it comes to food after the detox.
I sure don’t want to waste my efforts over the 3 days! :p
Thank you BeMyGuest for the delicious (and healthy) treat!


Collage 1
Collage 2

My first time to Yokohama!
My first time on a Shinkansen.
A was so excited about the ride that we were like super suaguchildren on the ride,
exclaiming at the speed, about how clean it was, about how steady and quiet it was we can hardly feel its speed.
We reached Yokohama in what felt like 5 mins. Hahaha!

I’ve heard so much about the Cup Noodle Museum and I was really looking forward to the trip.
I mean, cup noodles! They have accompanied me through my loneliest, hungriest nights.
They are my biggest love! :p

When I first stepped into the museum, I was blown away.
This is no ordinary museum, the architecture and interior design is fabulous and *my goodness*, so beautiful!
Everything was minimalistic.
White, clean and bright.
No unnecessary cheesy displays.
And I love how they always go straight to the point, and showcased everything with such
pleasing aesthetic sense and creativity.

Collage 3
Collage 5

My favourite part of the tour around the museum was the cup noodle making “workshop”!
I get to pick what I want in my cup noodle, and I also designed my very first Nissin Cup Noodle!
*I brought the cup noodle I made back to Singapore and I ate it yesterday.
It is DIFFERENT from what we’ve been having in Singapore. That one tasted so FREAKING GOOD!*

Collage 6
Collage 4


This Tokyo trip also marks my first time on the Tokyo Skytree.
Yes I’ve been on the Eiffel Tower.
And even in Tokyo, I did not visit the Tokyo Tower because it has totally paled in comparison
with the brand new Tokyo Skytree!

If I’m not wrong, it is the second highest tower in the world, just right after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

MAN IT WAS HIGH! And they were sickening enough to make one particular part of the floor see-through!

Collage 8
Collage 7

Dinner was spectacular and we wined and dined to the most beautiful views – 450m off the ground!
Special thanks to The Tiramisu Hero Japan team for spoiling us like that. :p

Collage 9


Lastly, my current favourite haunt in Tokyo.
This is as hip and quaint as Cat Street but way cooler and cosier to be in!
A little like the Haji Lane of Singapore.
A took me here and I was fell in love with this place instantly.

There were many cute cafes littered all around.
And if you’re heading to Shimokitazawa too, do start with the North side of the area –
that’s where most of the hippie stuff are in.
There are a lot of nice vintage stores there, and they have some treasures that I wish I could lug all home.
Lots of pre-loved clothes & accessories, and some of them are of good brands.
ALL at super pocket-friendly prices! *BRING ME BACK!*

Collage 011
Collage 012
Collage 013
Collage 014


Our Tokyo trip is way too short.
And I do wish to be able to return to Japan, and visit the different cities within Japan.

On our last day, we did some last minute shopping!
(A and I are not really shoppers, regardless of where we are or how affordable the things are)
I am super in love with the Hunter boots and now I’m praying for rain everyday.

Collage 015
Collage 016
Collage 017

Sayonara, Tokyo.
Till the next time.

And for now, I will patiently count down to my next 21-days Italy trip.
49 more days.


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June 2, 2014 at 10:30 pm

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