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I guess some of you might be a little curious about A.
A reader asked me to write about how I got to know A and how we got to know each other better.

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 12.17.13

So I guess, since I have some time on hand today, I’ll share a little about how our paths crossed. :)

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 12.23.44
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 12.21.27

Well. Maybe just some information about A first.
She’s one year my junior and has a really sweet family, and three other siblings.
According to her, she is quite a handful when she was younger (she still is quite a handful if you ask me).
Don’t be fooled by her innocent toothy smiles and big bright eyes.
She got into her first fight with some bigger Indian girl when she was in nursery!
That’s 3 years old! She was in nursery and that girl is in kindergarten.
She said the girl pushed her head into the toilet bowl and she fought back.
(She says she is a natural at self defence) Hahahahaha!
She stopped the bullying but peed her pants after that.

Here is the little monster.

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at PM 11.51.17
Screen shot 2011-11-10 at PM 11.51.40
Screen shot 2011-11-10 at PM 11.52.39

As for us, we met each other when we were in Nanyang Junior College.
We weren’t in the same class or CCA, didn’t really speak to each other properly before.
But we recognized each other by face and always bump into each other after graduation.
That’s how she’s like when in JC.

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at PM 11.58.19
Screen shot 2011-11-10 at PM 11.59.20

Super athletic girl who had like 3 or 4 CCAs when she was there in NYJC.
Outdoor Adventure Club, Judo, Touch Rugby and stuff like that.
She left school for Raffles Design School afterwards.

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 12.02.44
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 12.02.07
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 12.04.31

We kept in contact via Facebook a couple years later.
I was already in NTU, slogging in Civil Engineering at that time.
The creepy thing is how we kept bumping into each other when we were out.
Now when we spoke about the past, she can still mention almost all these places!
It’s pretty amazing. Hahaha!

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 12.10.32

She is a strong and determined girl who works for what she wants in life.
She’s free-spirited, optimistic and incredibly smart!
I think she has also influenced me to work hard for what I can have in life, to aim high, and dream big in a good way.
She would drop by into my life every once in a while, when I least expected.

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.12.19

And as instructed, I didn’t reply that message to thank her.
Our friendship is pretty much like that over these years.
And this is how she has changed over the couple years.

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 12.02.51
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 12.02.59
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 12.02.19
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 12.07.36

The last time I bumped into her was in Dempsey CMPB.
I was there with a friend after an event and she was there with a friend.
We saw each other (actually I saw her first because she’s quite blind) and said HI.
And that was where it all began.
She messaged me on Facebook that night, and then I replied her.
I got no idea since when or under what circumstances that we have already exchanged numbers before that.

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.13.46

So well, I don’t know.
Did I pick her up or did she pick me up or did we just merely rekindled our friendship?
Hahaha. I guess it’s all not important now.
That’s how she looked like when we met again.

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.37.37

And the very first MMS she sent me. :)
It was when we were supposed to meet and she had some last minute urgent stuff to see to and had to postpone the appointment.


Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.37.18

She has been an amazing partner and I’m happy every single day that I’ve spent with her.
We appreciate each other’s presence and efforts in keeping the flame alive.
We always try to make time for each other.
And none of the people I have been with before can let me feel the way she makes me feel.
We have been living our dream and travelling a lot for the last few months that we’ve been together.

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.33.06
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.33.16
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.33.26
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.32.51
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.32.31
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.32.41
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.33.39
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.36.04
Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.39.51

She is my best friend and the girl I love the most.

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at AM 01.39.43


Written by SIXPEGS

November 11, 2011 at 1:53 am

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  1. Saccharine sweet :)


    November 11, 2011 at 2:19 am

  2. Great post! I have no doubt A and you make a wonderful couple. Greedy of me but maybe you could blog about how A and you realised you had feelings for each other & the woo-ing process? Heheee. All the best!


    November 11, 2011 at 2:53 am

  3. I’m quite blur! Sorry if you don’t mind me asking is A your couple now or just best friend? :)


    November 11, 2011 at 7:39 am

  4. kudos to you, sixpegs! glad to see that you are a happy happy bird now :) see you around!


    November 11, 2011 at 9:52 am

  5. Hi! :)
    I really like your post about A. It’s such a small world indeed! :) maybe this is what most people would called it “destiny”. Cheers. :)


    November 11, 2011 at 11:23 am

  6. @Adeline Do you kiss you best friend like that in the last picture? Haha. If you need to see it in plain text, Aileen is Peggy’s girlfriend. 女朋友。


    November 11, 2011 at 2:08 pm

  7. hi pegs (: nice post.. but just wondering, what’s your family’s take on this?


    November 11, 2011 at 3:16 pm

  8. AWWW, peg, so sweeeet can!!! =))


    November 11, 2011 at 11:04 pm

  9. Better than the Button.

    Patrick Gan

    November 11, 2011 at 11:33 pm

  10. peg, can blur out the mail address please. lol =)


    November 11, 2011 at 11:55 pm



      November 12, 2011 at 2:12 am

  11. I have been reading your blog for few years and this is the sweetest post that I ever read. A looks really cool and both of you looks very compatible together. You r very brave to pursue your true feeling in love . Anyway, wish u all best and look foward to more of your new post with A !


    November 12, 2011 at 8:20 am

  12. Sweet post.
    Most important is being happy together!

    keep it going, Peggy!

    Hong Wei

    November 12, 2011 at 12:31 pm

  13. A very touching post. Somehow you both really do have fate.

    All the best my dear <3

    ROCK it on ! :)

    lindayeo (@lindaypp)

    November 12, 2011 at 2:18 pm

  14. i almost teared while reading. really happy for you to find happiness in love after following your blog for so many years.


    November 12, 2011 at 5:28 pm

  15. hi there

    I love this blog post. I love how open you are about your relationship (albeit not widely accepted by the society). I love how strong you. So glad you and A found each other.

    I just broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years. I hope it’s a right decision. Reading your blog brings tears to my eyes. As I recall our happy memories with my ex (almost said boyfriend), I feel a bit of relief to be single now. (for only 2 hours and counting? haha..)

    hope your mom will be receptive to your relationship. you go girl =)


    November 12, 2011 at 10:19 pm

  16. I salute u for your honesty to yourself, your heart, your life.. all the best!


    November 12, 2011 at 11:19 pm

  17. wat happened 2 u & Buttons?


    November 13, 2011 at 1:43 pm

  18. Hi Pegs, Ive been a fan of ur blog for a few years already(and counting) and im really happy for u n A. I teared while reading the post on “she loves her” and this one. i thought it’s so touching and so brave of u!n v coincidentally i saw u n A at vivo(sat) e very next day i teared while reading ur blog!The 2 of u look really happy together! all e best to u 2!!=)


    November 13, 2011 at 8:33 pm

  19. […] feelings and with hope in finding their ‘true love’. Reading posts from Peggy’s blog about her relationship with her girlfriend, and coming out (despite being in relationships with […]

  20. WTF. You are a joke in the universe.


    November 14, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    • Thank you for the comments. :)

      C.A – Don’t expect anyone to understand. I’m sure my mom is not as narrow-minded as you. Thanks for reading.

      AlternativeLifestyle – Don’t like what I write but you keep coming back. You’re a bigger joke.


      November 14, 2011 at 9:18 pm

  21. i feel so happy for you pegs. and i feel so glad that you’re so happy again and found such a great girlfriend. i love this happy blog post. :))


    November 15, 2011 at 1:40 am

  22. Hi Peggy, I’ve stumbled into your blog several times and lingered longer today. Read this post and just wanted to give you some words of encouragement. Every relationship that is not readily accepted by this narrow minded, stifling society of ours will be hard. Whether it is a gay relationship, inter-racial or younger-older one. Focus on the love in your heart and know that it will be enough, with or without others’ acceptance. With challenges come greater strength, trust and endurance in the relationship. Cherish each other and live your lives well together. The rest is not important. All the best! xoxo, Bing


    November 15, 2011 at 11:00 am

  23. Happy for you :)
    Love solves everything.


    November 15, 2011 at 10:45 pm

  24. so very sweet! jealous can die. *green w envy*


    November 16, 2011 at 12:19 pm

  25. thank you for writing this post. very brave of you to share your life on the net. my gf left me for a guy she couldn’t live with the problems every gay couple has to face. to make things worse, we were in a long diet r/s. your post made me cry. even though i don’t know you, do know that some stranger is really proud of you both for standing up for yourselves and your love for each other. i couldn’t live my dream but certainly hope to see you live yours. all the best to you both.


    November 17, 2011 at 12:30 am

  26. Is Aileen fully lesbian or bi-sexual? Cause I am interested in her.


    November 18, 2011 at 1:07 am

  27. sara – Thanks alot sara! Appreciate the love. :p

    Bing – Before I begin on anything, that’s a nice blog you have there. :) And really meaningful things you do too. :) Thanks for your support and encouragement. A and I will work towards what we want despite the pressure!

    Karin – yes love solves everything indeed. Thanks! :)

    Colleen – Hahahahaha thanks! :p

    ray – I’m sorry it made you upset. I’m thankful for all the support and encouragement you guys gave me. And it’s not only for me ray, it’s for everyone like us, and that includes you. So don’t give up and keep living life the way you want to. Be strong.

    Wilson – well I showed A the comment and she replied with an “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”. You do the message deciphering. :)


    November 18, 2011 at 11:53 am

  28. Hi Peggy (I don’t know why people call you sixpegs by name),

    I’ve been an avid reader of yours, never missing out your posts. From the day you started posting pictures of A, I knew there was some chemistry going on.

    I respect your courage for coming out, for showing how you truly feel & not being ashamed about the gay community.

    People might discriminate us or not agree with us, but we live for ourselves, not anyone else.

    I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost 7 years, it’s no easy feat. I believe You & A are fated, for the numerous times that you two have crossed each others’ paths, reminding me of how I crossed paths with my girlfriend many times before getting together.

    Parents will always be an issue for me, they told me they’ll never accept us. If you think your mum can take it, do it. It’ll make everyone happier, cause you’ll be able to share every single moment about A with your mum. It’s a pity I can’t do that.

    Okay, enough of all the talking. I wish A & yourself a wonderful journey ahead!



    November 19, 2011 at 10:38 am

  29. It’s a matter of taste and preference. Some people like coffee, some people like tea. Some people like boys, some people like girls. It’s just so happen that I like people of the same gender :)

    I have an ex girlfriend who told me that our relationship was a sin. She wont allow anyone to know about our relationship and I have live with that for 2 years. I understand that a relationship can be a “2 persons affair” (do not need to go under light and ask for acceptance from other) but I believe being carefree (not caring what others have to say) in a relationship is healthier. And judging from all the blog entries you have made, I can feel your happiness and I’m so happy for you :)

    My dad once told me, “As long as you are happy, I’m happy for you”. It does not mean he accept my sexual orientation but he care more for my happiness, and I believe every parent who truly love their kids think the same way too.


    November 20, 2011 at 1:08 am

  30. Happy for ya! Very sweet post.. =)


    November 20, 2011 at 8:05 am

  31. i love peggy! n i love aileen!!!


    November 20, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    • beverly – We love you too! :p


      November 20, 2011 at 11:01 pm

  32. I feel really touched and happy for you even though I don’t know you personally. You’re so lucky to have found your soul mate! TAKE CARE!! :)


    November 24, 2011 at 3:04 am

  33. Thanks Denise. :)


    November 28, 2011 at 4:32 am

  34. You r brave to share such a lovely and moving post. Hang in there. Feel like there’s a lot of similarity between us. I reconnect with gf years after leaving school. We now together for about 7 years It s a different connection and bond between 2 women and definitely diff from a hero r/s. wish you both all the very best. Love ur blog and ur hilarious travels and adventures cheers m


    December 12, 2011 at 7:14 pm

  35. you two look really cute and happy together :) chanced upon your blog. all the best :)


    May 10, 2013 at 10:05 pm

  36. I have been reading all your past entries for the past few days, just cos I chanced upon 1 of the travelogues. This is by far, the sweeeeeetest entry ever! I love how you faced your love, how you feel with your heart, how both of you managed a successful and awesome cafe (and now in Japan!).

    I’m happy for both of you. Proud to face this relationship together (which I’m still not ready for it) and moving on to the next stage in life.

    Hocc (HK singer) has a song tat goes, “愛就愛,那管身份,吻就吻。” That’s Love. period.
    Wish you and A all the best and congrats to you!


    May 24, 2014 at 2:25 am

    • Sasha – Thank you! I love Denise Ho too!


      May 25, 2014 at 6:23 pm

  37. Hey Peggy!

    It’s the second time for me to read this post and I’m still loving it and still wondering “how did Peggy and A manage to stay so lovey dovey eh?”. I guess for now, I would just be like a stalker and read thru all your old posts haha!

    Anyway, just wanna be random and say, you wrote this on 11-11-11. Stay lovely and congrats!


    July 22, 2014 at 10:21 pm

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