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Sunday Advertorials Christmas Specials!

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Picture 9

I am thrilled and anxious about Sunday Advertorials this week!
This week’s advertorial is going to be a big present for all Sunday Advertorials lovers,
and it is also my way of closing this year’s Sunday Advertorials cycle with a BIG BANG!

2010 has been an awesome year for me and many blogshop owners.
Because of your support, there are now more and more successful blogshops than ever!
I love shopping online and I hope there will be even more bigger and better blogshops in the time to come.
With this Sunday Advertorials Christmas Specials, I have invited 23 of some of the best blogshops I’ve done ads for.
These are a few of my favourite blogshops and I hope you will enjoy this week’s mega collection!

P.S. This is really going to be your sweet Christmas poison. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! :p

In no order of merit, the first shop featured this week is Runway Diva!
Almost all of the items here are either exclusively available to them only, or manufactured by them.
But the best part is, the prices are all kept affordable even though worksmanship
and materials of the apparels are of superb quality!
Their motto? Fashion at a fraction!
They now have a retail space at KISSJANE located at Citylink Mall #B1-39.
So head down there to check out the quality of their apparels now!

Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 8

They are currently having a promotion for their 3rd birthday!
Other than the free normal postage available for all shoppers,
they are also giving away free registered mail for purchases of $60 and above.
Promotion ends 31st December 2010.

Still remember that “SIXPEGS” necklace I have?
It was a gift from Valerie, the owner of My Little Bow.
Other than name accessories like bangles, earrings, 2-finger nameplate rings and others,
My Little Bow also have gold plated necklaces from Korea that are absolutely gorgeous.
Other great gift choices includes the 3D rings (like Standing Ovation and Tinkerbell’s Wonderland)

Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13

If you think My Little Bow only sells accessories, then you’re so wrong.
They have self manufactured their very own Convertible Dress in two awesome shades – Wine Red and Dark Blue.
The quality is great, and the style is versatile, fitting sizes UK6 to UK14.
Many of the Luxe pieces are also launched!
These dresses that are sold at prices over $80 in town is available at this website for prices no higher than $36!
Do join their Mailing List now for more Private Sales!
(Note from SIXPEGS: Do check out those pretty Chanel Inspired Earrings I reviewed 2 weeks ago. Gorgeous!!)

Picture 10
Picture 7

Want a pair of cheap and oh-so-essential Havaianas? Check out Slippak!
The 2011 Collection has lots of new styles and limited edition designs,
and they are only bringing in in limited quantity so do expect the stocks to be out real soon.
Items will arrive in mid to late January before CNY.
So if you’re getting a new pair for the brand new year, it’s time to start shopping at Slippak!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Prices of Havaianas here are definitely cheaper than those in retail outlets.
The Slippak Pushcart stall can also be found at SIM Level 3 from now until end of January.
For those who can’t wait to get your hands on a pair and wish to collect your slippers from the Pushcart,
so indicate in your order forms!
Last but not least, do check out their Facebook Page and Twitter for contest giveaways!

Bagspace is a fun-loving and cheeky brand that promises to
bring you all the gorgeous bags in the world at affordable prices,
This space was started by curious people who had problems finding stylish and well-made bags online.
Offering bags inspired by runway styles and celebrities faves, every item is picked based on design and quality. Obsessed with details, the team only list items they would be proud to carry so
you can be assured of the quality & attention to details from bagspace.sg’s bags!
Bestsellers include the PS1-inspired satchel, Alexa-inspired satchel, Alexander Wang-inspired Rocco,
and the exclusive Velda duffel!

Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 23
Picture 22

Bagspace also stocks cute stationery and quirky accessories such as the Olivia Jewellery Organizer!
The soft and water-resistant organizer is a smart way to store and carry your jewellery around!
Enjoy $2 off your next order by quoting SIXPEGS in your order. Offer is valid until 31 December 2010.
Previews can be found on their Facebook Page, and bite-sized updates on their Twitter page.

This is a shop you will never regret visiting.
The Blush Inc has lots and lots of pretty frocks, tops and dresses to boot.
Featured here are just the tip of the iceberg!
The website is neat and photos are all nicely taken to give you clear view of the gorgeous apparels in the store.
I love this website!
The Blush Inc will definitely make you blush in excitment!

Picture 24
Picture 27
Picture 26
Picture 25
Picture 28

If you’ve already fancy the dresses and shoes shown here, then hesitate no more and click on their link above.
Quote TBISIXPEGS for a one-time 5% discount for your purchases now!

Next up, is another one of my favourite blogshops.
Liquoryce has been a returning blogshop at Sunday Advertorials and it has never failed to amaze me.
I love the dresses here – available in all styles and designs to fit any occasions I need to dress up for.
Here are some of the wonderful pieces picked to be featured in this week’s advertorial.
Click to visit Liquoryce if you don’t wanna miss out on something big and awesome!

Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32
Picture 33

Quote SIXPEGS in your orders at Liquoryce to enjoy these promotions now:
Purchase 1 piece and enjoy $1 off total bill
Purchase 2 pieces and enjoy $2.50 off total bill
Purchase 3 pieces and enjoy $4.50 off total bill
Purchase 4 pieces and above and enjoy $2 off every piece + free registered mail!
Promotion ends 10th January 2011.

Tara Kehara has a user friendly website and very very awesome apparels!
This place is going to make all the fashionistas go bonkers.
I love almost every single dress sold on this website and one needs a lot of discipline not to go mad shopping here.
Heh! Check out some of these gorgeous items.

Picture 34
Picture 36
Picture 35
Picture 37
Picture 38

The quality of the dresses here is definitely of tip-top standard and the owners of this shop is very friendly too!
To me, nothing beats getting great service. Especially when the quality of the items are already so good.
Fly ahead and click on the link to visit Tara Kehara right away, girls!

Next up, Kizz of Goddess is a shop which religiously brings you collection after collection every Sunday.
The items you see here are either imported or specially manufactured by them.
The models here are really gorgeous and it just makes shopping here such a great experience! Heh!
Kizz of Goddess has the biggest and widest range of collection for girls from all walks of life!

Picture 39
Picture 40
Picture 42
Picture 41
Picture 43

Kizz of Goddess is currently having a tie-up with KFC and Pizza Hut!
There are lots of exciting things going on at this website so do not miss out, ladies!
Join their Mailing List and get free normal postage now!
To enjoy this offer, simply quote SIXPEGS!

What do you call a blogshop with gorgeous models and clothes with funky and special designs?
Yeps! It’s Dirty Bling!
Dirty Bling is another one of my many many favourite blogshops.
This shop is one of my bookmarked blogshops and you will soon find out the reason for yourself.

Picture 44
Picture 46
Picture 45
Picture 47
Picture 48

The dresses here are suitable for all different kinds of girls.
Looking for a dress for a night out, or Sunday picnic?
This place has everything that you’re ever looking for.
If you wanna be more engaged with the activities going on at Dirty Bling,
do not hestitate to check out their Facebook Page now!
Also, quote SIXPEGS to enjoy free normal postage too!

Angelicobebe has dresses designed based on runway pieces and celebrity favourites.
And to top it off, they are giving away Coach wristlets to shoppers!
SIXPEGS readers will be entitled to double-chances in this promotion valid till the end of December.
Check out some of these pieces I’ve chosen to feature in this Christmas Specials.
I hope you love these pieces as much as I do!

Picture 49
Picture 50
Picture 51
Picture 52
Picture 53

Angelicobebe is kind enough to arrange for personalised delivery this festive season to send
the items you’ve ordered right to your doorstep if you purchase a minimum of 2 dresses.
There are now limited delivery slots left! So do act fast!
Payment can now be done using Paypal, shopping with Angelicobebe has never been easier!
I’m totally loving their latest collection inspired by Victoria Beckham! Don’t miss it!

Ahhhh… This is another of my favourite, favourite blogshop!
Ladies, Film Snap is now back with more cameras for us!
After a Blackbird Fly and a Holga, I’ve decided that I really love toy cameras.
And just looking at the new toy cameras on sale here makes me very very excited!
I want them all!! My goodness, that Lego camera is way too cute!

Picture 54
Picture 55
Picture 56
Picture 57
Picture 58

Quote SIXPEGS and you can now get the Cigarette or Juice cameras at only $52.
It also comes with a roll of Kodak 400ww film and normal postage.
Alternatively, you can also get the Cigarette or Juice cameras at $55 with
a roll of Kodak Professional Elite Chrome Extra Color 100 135-35 (FRESH!) film and free normal postage!
Yippee!! There’s no better time to start camwhoring!

Next up, Intimo Closet is here to do its magic.
This is a relatively new blogshop so do lend your support to this growing blogshop!
Other than checking out their website, do also take a peek at their Facebook Page and Mailing List!
Here are some of the designs you’ll be seeing at Intimo Closet!

Picture 59
Picture 60
Picture 61
Picture 62
Picture 63

For this special Christmas season, purchase any 3 items from the Christmas Editions 1 and 2,
and you’ll be entitled to free registered postage!
Be a smart shopper and grab this offer now! Happy shopping girls!

Our Secret Loft has some really great steals and apparels to offer!
I am loving almost every design in their collections and I’m sure this is where you wanna shop at too!
I see clothes suitable for work and play all under one virtual roof and this is definitely the place you wanna be.
Here are some to start kick start your Secret Loft shopping spree!

Picture 64
Picture 65
Picture 66

Wanna save money as you shop this festive season?
If your answer is a YES, then this is the chance you shouldn’t miss.
Tell your friends about Our Secret Loft and spread the love this Christmas!

Picture 67
Picture 68

The Scarlette is more than a blog shop, it’s a philosophy on fashion.
The people behind The Scarlette strive to deliver stylish designs that form a lasting complement to wardrobes
of like-minded women who love luxury and simplicity as much as they do.
Wearing The Scarlette is all about rising to the occasion and dressing like a confident woman.

Picture 69
Picture 70
Picture 71
Picture 72
Picture 73

This festive season, find inspiration in their latest collections, High Society and Party Perfect,
or check out their latest markdowns in Front Row and Charm and Sass on boxing day.

Moochemooche specialises in work clothes that epitomise corporate chic.
They manufacture dresses that are stylish yet professional,
and also bring in a range of boutique-quality dresses, work tops and pencil skirts.
The dresses in the links are all manufactured by us, and they should be very proud of their work!

Picture 74
Picture 75
Picture 76
Picture 77
Picture 78

The girls at Moochemooche make sure that the quality is top-notch and the designs are unique.
So far, they are proud to say that all of their customers have been very satisfied with the purchases from them.
They also have another line featuring unique pieces that are sure to raise eyebrows in admiration!
These are clothes that are suitable for dress down Fridays, chic parties or weekends out in town.
Some apparels in this range are also self-manufactured.
Check them out now to keep yourself informed of all the happenings at Moochemooche!

Yventually focuses on mainly bags and shoes, and only those of great quality!
The best news is – all bags are in stock so there will be no more waiting for backorder stocks!
They also hold mass meetups every one week or two for girls who wants to save on postage.
These bags you’re seeing here are items from their latest 2 collections!

Picture 79
Picture 80
Picture 81
Picture 82
Picture 83

That huge collages you see showcases all of the items on sale! Hurray!
This Boxing Day Sale will be happening today for the entire day on their website so don’t miss out on it!
There will also be free postage for all items in this sale event as well.

Fondrey has some of the most amazing pictures I’ve seen so far.
Pretty models and fabulous website for you too!
They launch their collections based on themes like Party Clothes, Back-to-School, and even workwear!
Free normal postage is available for all of their mailing list members.
By making your first purchase with Fondrey, you will get to enjoy privileges as their Yours Fondly Member
such as birthday discounts and even special invites to their events!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

For now, quote SIXPEGS to enjoy $1 off any piece in any collection, and $2 off any of the pieces featured here.
This promotion is valid till 31st December 2010.
Do check out their blog and Facebook Page for more on their launches and previews!

Ash In Cans is the place I’d always go if I wanna get edgy looking clothes.
I simply adore the designs of the apparels on sale here and I’m sure you’ll love them too!
I had trouble trying to just feature 5 items because it’s so hard to just pick 5
from the heaps of gorgeous designs available here at Ash In Cans.
So if you wanna know what “real good stuff” means, click on the link above and start shopping now!

Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 11
Picture 10

Wanna be updated of the happenings and receive information about sales posts and more?
Join their mailing list to be in the loop!
Just a heads up, there will be a sales post next week and I’m sure it’s something you don’t wanna miss!

Bags bags and more bags! Femininity Bliss is the place to go to if you are a lover for bags!
Their database of shoppers includes famous bloggers like Zoe Raymond and more.
So this place is definitely the place to go if you wanna get pretty bags adored by many others.
For their latest promotion, purchase 5 bags and above and get free delivery up to your doorstep!

Picture 12
Picture 15
Picture 14
Picture 13
Picture 16

Tempted to see more? Click on their link now!
Quote SIXPEGS to enjoy $2 off your purchase and don’t forget to also join their mailing list!
Do keep a lookout on their next collection featuring Zoe Raymond as their new model!

Princesses is another place if you’re looking for bags and bag organizers!
We all already know how awesome bags are but I have to emphasize how I love bag orgnanizers.
Changing of bags has never been easier now with these organizers.
I can change my bags with ease everyday without having to pour all my belongings out and packing them in again.
On top of that, Princesses has lots of gorgeous bags to boot!
Don’t believe me? Check these out for yourself!

Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21

For this festive season of giving and sharing, add Princesses on Facebook!
All members on their Facebook Page will receive $2 for the first item they purchase!

The name Paper Polly is inspired by the paper dolls these girls played as kids.
Paper Polly is all about offering a wide variety of styles available at affordable prices! Nothing is above $30!
They have got everything ranging from office, casual, evening to party wear.
So everyone can live up to their childhood fantasy of changing their wardrobe daily like a paper doll!

Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26

Paper Polly launches a new collection every 2 to 3 weeks.
On top of that, all mailing list members enjoy 10% off their purchase and also free normal postage!

Look out for the pretty and unique handmade accessories available at Dawn Schiffer!
They are all specially crafted for you by hand and are all in limited pieces.
What can I say? They’ve got to be perfect gifts for your loved ones!
There is now a 20% storewide discount and it will end on 31st December 2010.

Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 30
Picture 29
Picture 31

Specially for this Sunday Advertorials Christmas Specials, quote “SIXPEGS” and receive the following:
1) $1 off your purchases.
2) A Swarovski Crystal Heart necklace (worth $25) for purchases of $60 or above.
Colours given will be random: Clear Crystal, Light Pink, Light Purple, Dark Blue, Black.

And we have finally reached the end of this Sunday Advertorials Christmas Specials.
To end it off with a big bang, we’ve got Pearlavish!
This blogshop got such a sweet looking model and shopping with Pearlavish is always such a pleasant experience.
I’m loving the designs of the dresses here and how they are always available in various colors.
I’d be so spoilt for choice if I were you, shopping here at Pearlavish. :)

Picture 32
Picture 34
Picture 33
Picture 35
Picture 36

Have fun shopping girls, and I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through these gorgeous apparels as much as I do.
Merry Christmas to all shoppers and blogshop owners!

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