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Fly away to Bali with Garuda Indonesia!

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I visited Bali with my Mommy and spent the weekend there last weekend.
Bali is such a lovely place and the people there are really friendly as well.
And the best part is, everything is being sponsored by the very generous Garuda Indonesia!

GA New Logo Vertical

Picture 15

We got then chance to fly Business Class for this trip and I’m totally excited!
It’s my first time on Business Class (I know I’m very suagu) & the experience was awesome.
All Business Class passengers with Garuda will also have the chance to use the JetQuay terminal @ Changi Airport.
This elite gateway is very different from the rest of Changi Airport and I’m so so impressed with what they have!

Picture 18
This is part of the lobby at JetQuay.
This terminal is very exclusive and is only used by First Class passengers of 4 airlines, including Garuda.
But the only difference is, you can use this terminal just by flying Business Class instead of First Class!

They have got nap rooms there too! You can use it for up to 4 hours each time.
Freaking awesome idea man!!

Picture 19

Picture 20

They will get the check in baggages for you and do all the checking in on your behalf.
And you will also have a private immigration counter where you will never have to queue!
Okay, prepare for the next awesome shit –
You get to shop around the terminals on a buggy!
You can throw all of your on-flight baggages on the buggy and zip around the terminals without walking.
Wherever you wanna stop to shop, you just have to notify the driver and they’ll stop to let you shop.
You can also do last minute boarding at the plane, just 10 mins before the takeoff will do.
Oh my god, it’s so awesome I love it!!

Look at how happy Mommy is!
Picture 21

The flight to Bali was very enjoyable & the food was absolutely awesome!
It was a freaking good start to have some yummy food even before we landed in Bali. Heh!
We took the afternoon flight to Bali. But Garuda will soon be increasing the flight frequency!
It’s super great news for me because I wanna make full use of my time overseas.
Oh anyway, they also have special offers from time to time.
The last time I checked, the air tickets to Bali was only S$170 round trip inclusive of taxes.
Freaking cheap right!
Here’s Mommy and I onboard Garuda!
Picture 23

Picture 25

Picture 26

Picture 27

Picture 22

Picture 24

Picture 28

Picture 29

Picture 33

There’s also inflight entertainment for every passenger!
Picture 30

The seats are freaking big and spacious. I can totally sleep there! :D
Picture 31

Picture 32

We stayed at a 5 star hotel called Le Grande.
This resort has a private clubhouse on its own and I’d recommend it to all who loves a private and quiet hotel.
The place is huge and is found in the middle of a golf course!
Hahaha. So you can imagine how peaceful it is over here.
However, it’s about a 15 to 20 minutes drive away from town.
So if you’re the kind of person who loves the noise of a bustling town, this place if probably not for you.
But for me, I’m loving this resort a lot!
They provide shuttle to the town so the distance wouldn’t be much of a problem I think.
For my Mom and me, we will be having our very own chauffeur and tour guide
(courtesy of Garuda again, thanks!) so it doesn’t really matter how far we are away from town. Heh!

The lobby of the resort is very simple and fuss-free. I like it this way.
Picture 36



The first day there was pretty short-lived.
The coordinator at the resort, Ghulam brought us around the resort and its clubhouse,
and hosted us at a simple but wonderful dinner at the clubhouse.
It was the first time I ate Indonesian food in Indonesia! Awesome max! :D

This is the restaurant at Le Grande Resort.

They also have their own private club house only for Le Grande customers.
In there, you can find everything you ever need for a kickass holiday!
Bar, private discotheques, ballrooms, conference rooms, KTV rooms, pools, everything!
I didn’t take any pictures there though. Too tired. Heh.

The next day, we woke up early to bid Ghulam goodbye.
He needed to head back to Singapore for a wedding (he’s Singaporean) and
can’t stay with us for the rest of the trip.
Ghulam is really nice and courteous, and he has been really helpful with the arrangement for us, etc.

Here’s us and Ghulam. I kept teasing him that he got that typical “Minister pose” in that picture with my Mom,
so he became more relaxed in that picture with me. Haa!
Thanks for your hospitality, Mr Ghulam! :)
And I’m wearing skirt/dress from Robot Ninjas!

Picture 39

Picture 40

Later that day, we met our tour guide and he brought us around town!
My Mom thought we should check out some of the typical cultural stuff they have in Bali,
so we went to check out a Batik place in one of the villages nearby.
It was pretty interesting for me because I didn’t know how batik was made. Hahaha!
And I have never imagined that it’s actually that tedious to do those simple prints on batik.
The people at the Batik place are all very nice and friendly. Happy people. :)






The guide, Oka later brought us to one of the temples in Bali.
We were quite lucky because it was one of their festivals that day!
Oka told us that it’s a day to celebrate knowledge,
so most of the believers will visit the temples dressed in white.

As for us visitors, we need to wear these sarong thingy to cover our legs.















And meet my tour guide, Oka!
Oka is one of the most accidentally insincere person I’ve ever met. Hahaha!
He was rather friendly and helpful but his laughter is SOOOO insincere.
There was one time when my Mommy and I went shopping.
After we came back from the shopping trip, Oka turned around and asked how our shopping went.
We said “Oh it was really good!!”
Then he replied with a “Oh good~ good~ HA. HA. HA. HA. HA.”
LOL!!! It’s super super super insincere that my Mom and I were supposed amused.
Hahahaha! But that said, he is still quite a good guide lah!
Best thing is that he speaks pretty good English! :)
Meet Oka! Heh!


Lunch was SUPER AWESOME at Ubud in this restaurant called Ibu Oka!
We had Babi Guling (suckling pig) and it was totally yummy!!
If you’re also wondering why they can eat pork, then you’re as ill-informed as me!
Hahahaha! I always thought Indonesians are mostly Muslims.
Well, that’s only partly true. Almost 85% of Balinese are actually Hindus!
Anyways, here’s the restaurant at Ibu Oka.


We then did the usual boring shopping around the Kuta town area.
We requested for Oka to bring us to the place where the 2002 Bali bombing occurred.
It was almost intimidating to stand there at that spot where the bombing happened some 8 years ago.


I can imagine how crowded it was at that fateful night,
and how chaotic and traumatizing it was for those people present that night.
There was also a memorial set up at that road junction to remind everybody about that horrible night.

202 people were killed in this bombing incident.
Out of this 202 people there were more than 80 Australians, and over 80 Indonesians.
Really hope such things will never happen again anywhere in the world.
May peace be with the victims and their family members. :c

It’s been 8 years but the bombed restaurant is STILL under construction. Tsk.


Dinner was along the Jimbaran Bay at one of the seafood restaurants.
It was such a pleasant experience dining here – under the starry sky and right in front of the sea!
Mommy and I had a yummy dinner with crabs, prawns, fish, vegetables, soup, dessert, coconuts and beer!
And all these were sponsored by the very generous Garuda Indonesia as well.
What terrific hospitality they’ve got! :D





There is also this freaking cute group of people walking from table to table singing!
These guys are really quite something!
I heard them sing Japanese, Chinese, English and Malay songs at the other tables.
At our table, they sang 童话 (which FYI, is a song I absolutely hates) and Hotel California which I requested for!
Naise! <3


Next up, allow me to introduce my freaking awesome suite in Le Grande Resort!
Like I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, Le Grande is found in the middle of a golf course.
So if you’re an avid golfer or just someone who enjoys peace and serenity, this place is definitely for you!
I spent my nights in Bali in this awesome suite, let me bring you around now.

This is our huge and spacious living room. I love the warm lights and the decor on the whole.
Makes you feel SO at home!

Picture 14




Bath and shower. I’m so gonna get this type of shower head for my future home.
It’s as if you’re bathing in the rain (except the water is warm and clean) and it’s damn shiok.
The partition between the bath and bedroom can be opened. Kinky.
Too bad I was with Mom. Hahaha! *coffs*


Camwhoring again! Heh. I’m looking super tired without makeup.

God save my eyebags! :x




Our super shioky King size bed! <3


And this was where I was blogging at for that week’s Sunday Advertorials. :p



Lunch on the next day was at some random Indonesian restaurant.
The food here was just alright for me because I can never enjoy my meal with gravy.
But I have admit that the rolled-up-steamed-in-leaves rice is super yummy!
I’m salivating just thinking of the taste of that rice. *slurps*
Anyway, that thing on top right corner is damn nice. Like some bean thingy, dunno what it is.
But damn yummy!




Shopping and same touristy stuff again. It’s boring shit so I shall not bore you guys out.
Took this random picture in La Senza. Hahaha!
I think I spent majority of my rupiahs on undergarments. :x
Anyway this drawn woman’s boobs look so weird right?
Where got boobs so far apart and so saggy one.










Dinner was at some random restaurant at Kuta area.
The food is sucky and it’s freaking expensive. Sucks.
Please recognize this place and don’t go there in future. Haha!


Mom’s fake smile. (Imitating our tour guide Oka LOL!)


Yes, this is much better Mom! :p


This is the only good thing there.


Alright, and that’s about all.
The trip back to Singapore was on Garuda as well!
We had to take the economy class back though, because our trip was extended by a day.
But not bad also lah, can help you guys check out the different ways of flying by Garuda Indonesia.
There’s inflight entertainment for every seat too! Pretty awesome.
BUT the best part is still the elite gateway, JetQuay!
They received us right after we got off the plane and brought us to the terminal on a buggy!
We passed through the immigration at our own private counter again.
And they will also go collect your checked-in baggages while you chill with wine at the terminal!
Shiok like hell.
I really appreciate it after a mad rush and flight back from Indonesia.
Whatever stuff you need to buy from DFS, they will also get for you on your behalf.
No need to lug your stuff here and there in an unglam manner. I love it!
I bought new perfume from Chloe and this amazing lotion from YSL.
It will make the skin look super matt and smoothen out the pores and fine lines.
Makeup will look super awesome if you apply it on this! :D



Here is a discount voucher for you guys from Garuda Indonesia.
It’s a $30 voucher where you can use for your Garuda tickets!
It’s super good deal because the flights to Bali can be as cheap as $170 for return trip,
and with this $30 voucher Ooh La La! It’s gonna be super cheap for you guys! :)

Picture 12

You just have to print it out and present it to the Garuda reservation office to enjoy this $30 off.
Do book the tickets to your Bali getaway soon and enjoy their new flight timings!
You can fly there in the morning at 9am and get back to Singapore from 8pm!

Picture 13

pegs: hahaha
pegs: stop teasing colin
Gan Kok Lin: why!
pegs: later you turn him on
Gan Kok Lin: he like it
Gan Kok Lin: LOL
pegs: then yuo  leave him in the cold again
pegs: he very poor thing one lor
pegs: hahhahaha
Gan Kok Lin: juz pay me
Gan Kok Lin: i will give him my ass
Gan Kok Lin: LOL

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  1. Nice nice! I should go Bali someday! :D

    Tee Ming

    October 7, 2010 at 11:54 pm

  2. Heh peggy,
    Is the YSL creme available at SG DFS? :)


    October 8, 2010 at 4:46 am

    • Tee Ming – Yes you should! Totally!

      Michelle – Yes I bought it at singapore DFS!

      Jean – I haven’t tried the Nina Rucci scent before but the Chloe one is really nice and sweet smelling! :)


      October 8, 2010 at 12:13 pm

  3. hey peggy! i tried on that Chloe perfume at Tangs, it’s really sweet and nice! i’m now comtemplating between this and Nina Ricci perfume!


    October 8, 2010 at 9:06 am

  4. So nice..I like Jetquay too! it’s sounds really class!

    btw, how much is a room in Le Grande? any idea?thks Jenny


    October 8, 2010 at 7:23 pm

  5. Hi pegs, the bean thingy is called “tempeh” n it’s fermented beans! U can find it at ayam penyat restaurants in Singapore!


    October 8, 2010 at 10:51 pm

  6. i was about to get chloe perfume! ITS AWESOME RIGHT?!


    October 12, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    • Raylene – yes yes it’s awesome!! :D


      October 13, 2010 at 12:07 pm

  7. Actually anyone can use Jetquay, regardless of whether you’re flying First, Business, Economy or even a Budget Airline.


    January 3, 2011 at 12:36 am

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