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Sunday Advertorials

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I have got five blogshops packed for you for this weekend’s Sunday Advertorials.
For this week, there will be gorgeous apparels, bags and accessories for your shopping pleasure!
Have fun and I hope you get all the pretty purchases you want! :p

And if you’re new to Sunday Advertorials, this is a space to watch if you’re mad about blogshop shopping!
Not sure which are the shops that are updated with new collections,
and don’t wanna be on the mailing list of hundreds of blogshops?
Make Sunday Advertorials your “Every Sunday” kinda thing and check out all the new stuff online!

The first blogshop featured this week is Teacupchics.
With their amazing first collection, this website is ready to take over the world!
I’m loving the design of the website, the user-friendliness and gorgeous dresses that comes with it!

If you’re already liking what you see, why not be part of their Mailing List?
Teacupchics promises the best service to all customers and with all that pretty dresses,
I don’t see why you shouldn’t shop right here! :p
Quote SIXPEGS at Teacupchics to enjoy $2 off your final bill now!

The second shop featured this week is one that makes very pretty accessories!
And on top of that, My Little Bow also has lots of quality apparels on their racks.
The accessories are all exclusively imported from Korea, and of course,
they are all made of superb quality (white or yellow gold plated) and in limited quantity.

I made my very own “SIXPEGS” necklace here! And I can really vouch for the great quality. :)

Other than name necklaces, they also have the name bangle, earrings,
hoop earrings, 2-finger name rings and many many others!
They have currently made over 500pcs of Name accessories so far, what are you waiting for?

And if you like to shop for clothes as well, don’t miss out on the great collections they have.
The quality are all superb, similar to those you find in town,
but you can get it at My Little Bow for a much lower price!
Don’t miss the LUXE collection too, because I heard the stocks fly off the shelves very quickly! Heh.
Here’s a sneak peek for you!

My Little Bow updates twice a week – Tuesday 8pm for accessories and 8pm on Fridays for apparels.

Join their mailing list for free normal mail for your first purchase with MyLittleBow.
Or simply be a fan at their Facebook page for more details on future promotions!

The third shop featured this week is Bella Estilo!
This is a brand new blogshop and you are seeing it FIRST on Sunday Advertorials!
The very first collection will be launching at 10pm tonight, so do be the first few to check them out.

Although this website is still very new, I’m already loving what I see in here.
And the good news is, the owner will be bringing in some of her exclusively designed items real soon!
If you wanna wear something unique that will help you stand out on the streets, stay tuned!
Do be a member at their Mailing List for more updates and information!

Next up, is another adorable blogshop that you shouldn’t miss!
Pouty Gossips has lots and lots of funky dresses that are totally up my alley.
And if you are a huge fan of mega sales, then you better click into Pouty Gossips to take a look now!
Nothing above $21.90!!!
And check out that dress with all the lip prints! I got one for myself!! :p

Do check out “What’s New!” and “What’s Available!” for all the sale items!
Even the new arrivals are on sale so do not miss it girls!
From what I heard, the stocks are running down low, so you’d better be fast.

After getting all you need to wear, what you need is a bag!
Wanna shop the world, one bag at a time? If so, TianFenLan is definitely your answer!
This website is one of the biggest bag blogshop and I’m totally in love with what they have in there!
I own a couple of bags from there and the quality is definitely awesome.

Smittened by the lovely bags they have? Click on to browse many many other designs they have right now!
Do note that apart from a Sale section, there is also a Flea-it-off section where all items are under $15!
The next launch will be happening on Tuesday, so do stay tuned!
And don’t forget to also check out their Twitter and Mailing List!


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September 19, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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