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Sunday Advertorials.

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Hello all, as usual, Sunday Advertorials is here again.
Hope you will enjoy the 5 shops lined up this night for you. :)

The first shop up this week is Fameworkz, a considerably new blogshop.
Although they only started out not too long ago, they have been producing very impressive collections.
This is going to be your favourite if you’re into dresses,
because this blogshop sells mainly dresses imported from overseas!
They will soon be bringing in office wear and more dresses for frequent casual wear as well.

Do check this space!
They in the midst of discussion with their supplier and soon
might be able to launch exclusive imported collections every single month!
If you love unique apparels that are exclusively imported, this is definitely your place.

The second blogshop this week is none other than Button Down, another one of my favourite blogshops.
This website is different from the rest because they have got their items exclusively brought in from Korea!
But right now, they also have an instock collection so you can get your lusts and wants within a shorter time.

I am so loving the gorgeous apparels here at Button Down.
And they not only show you the apparels themselves,
but also ways to mix and match the items to stand out from the crowd!
If I were you, I’d be so spoil for choices here at Button Down.
Do join their mailing list for more details and updates!

The next blogshop Pieces of Summer is also another returning blogshop at Sunday Advertorials.
This website not only has the most glamourous looking dresses, but also one of the prettiest model around.
I love how Anna look in these gorgeous dresses!

In this feature, all the dresses you’re seeing are special and limited to only Piece of Summer.
Romantic, soft and definitely very stylish – this is where you want to shop for your lovely dresses.
All you ladies out there who wants to look effortlessly chic and feminine?
Come this way now and visit Pieces of Summer!

The next blogshop up this week is none other than The Day Label.
This blogshop has a wide variety of dresses, everything from stylish streetwear to feminine glamourous ones.

The best thing is, the collections at The Day Label are huge!
As a matter of fact, there are over 10 pieces in their very first collection.
I love how the pictures are being presented – neat, young and definitely gorgeous and energetic too!
Here is another two pictures to let you know what is in store here at The Day Label.
I love this dress and trust me, there are many other awesome items in here.

Last but not least, yet another returning website at the Sunday Advertorials.
Hey Lolita has some of the most awesome dresses around in blogosphere.
Whether you’re looking for something funky and chic, or feminine and soft,
you’ll definitely be able to find something here.
They carry dresses and apparels of such various styles, woo! I’m in love!

Other than that, the website is also neat and easy to navigate.
The pictures are well taken and gives a good representation of the colours of their items,
making online shopping such an easy and enjoyable thing to do.
Check out some of these special picks, and if you like them,
do click on their link to see more!

Written by SIXPEGS

February 21, 2010 at 11:30 pm

Posted in Advertorials

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  1. Hey Peggy,

    I dont know why but I cant seem to access the blogshop links.

    Anybody facing the same problem or is it just me & my comp :( boo


    February 22, 2010 at 10:27 pm

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