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Sunday Advertorials.

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Greetings to all shoppers!
Hope your Sunday has been fabulous so far.
Up this week, we’ve got great deals for apparels and bags coming your way.
This is almost your last chance to grab what you need for Chinese New Year before the frenzy begins.
So have fun browsing through the 6 shops featured this Sunday!

First up, we have Loves Coach.
This little space will soon be your new hangout if you love labels like Coach, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, etc.

All products are authentic and brand new with tag, authenticity card and gift receipt.
These items are directly delivered from their factories in USA, and are not rejected goods.
The girls at Loves Coach at based in USA, and they get their items from the Factory Outlets
which offer cheaper prices compared to the COACH boutique stores in Singapore.

LovesCoach delivers your items right to your doorstep personally.
They assume all responsibility of lost items during shipment
and full refund/replacement will be made in such cases.
To start shopping, click on their link to find out more now! :)

The next blogshop featured has a really adorable name, Robbie Paige.
This blogshop not only have an adorable looking website,
but also great variety of clothes suitable for every girl.
Whether you’re the feminine kind or the funky streetstyle kinda girl,
there will surely be something here for you!

Robbie Paige just launched their latest collection earlier today at 11am.
And in this collection, they have many exclusive imported items specially handpicked by the girls.
Quality assured, so have fun while shopping!

For all readers, simply quote SIXPEGS to enjoy 5% discount off total bill!
On top of that, if you’re part of their mailing list, you will also receive normal postage with any purchase.
Have fun and visit their website for more fantastic goodies now!
This will be the place to get your dresses and outfits for the upcoming Chinese New Year!

Do look out for their next collection too – there will be more exclusively imported items handpicked by them too!

The third shop featured this week will be no stranger to you if you read Sunday Advertorials often enough!
Shop 1912 is now back with a brand new website, packed with more goodness!

Do check out what you like and quote SIXPEGS before ordering to enjoy 10% discount!
They will also be having more frequent updates this year,
on top of that, 1912 will also be starting their own manufactured lines too!

These dresses you’re seeing right here are just a few picked out from their intensive collections!
The website is easily to navigate and prices of their items are reasonably fixed.
And best thing of all, the owners at Shop1912 are always so friendly and ready to assist you,
I’m sure shopping at Shop1912 will be a great experience for you!

1912 is currently having their sales and their latest collection will also be launched on Monday at 8pm!
Expect gorgeous accessories, basics, Chinese New Year outfits and a brand new model too!
Don’t miss it!

After the clothes, we have a blogshop with handmade accessories for you!
Accessories at Crystal Dollies are all designed and handmade for ladies who loves to glam themselves up in style.
If that sounds like you, click on their logo below to visit their website to view the collections now.

All of the materials used (including their best selling clay flowers) are all specially imported from Japan.
These accessories are all very limited in numbers because each and
every piece is handmade with lots of love and hard work by the girls at Crystal Dollies.
If you’re having some ideas about having your accessories custom made,
do drop them an email at sales@crystaldollies.com!

The girls at Crystal Dollies are helpful and most importantly very talented,
so do let them know what you have in mind and I’m sure they will do a good job for you!
In addition, you don’t have to pay extra for customization!
Visit their website to view more designs now.

Fashion Couture is a new virtual palazzo of fashionable and trendy apparels!
This blogshop imports their items directly from Hong Kong at factory prices,
and promises to bring you gorgeous dresses at prices as low as $14.90!
Personally, I have never seen the price go so low before, so you’ve got to check this place out!

Fashion Couture launches a new collection every fortnightly.
In their collections, you can always find simple but gorgeous day-to-day pieces.
And if you like what you’re seeing here at Sunday Advertorials,
do check out their website to see more of these affordable apparels.

For the Chinese New Year promotion, the owners are generously giving away a free accessory (worth $10.90)
to all shoppers who quote SIXPEGS in their order chit.
(Promotion do not apply to accessories purchases)

The last blogshop featured this week is one that will make you go gaga!
Fashion Lunchbox has many great collections of awesome apparels great for everyone!
I’m all excited looking at their items, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same too.

These items you’ve seen above are a few I’ve picked from their past collections.
They are all specially handpicked and hence are in extremely limited pieces.
Unfortunately, they are all out of stock currently.
But fret not, Fashion Lunchbox launches a Specially Imported Collection every month!
So sit tight and don’t miss the next one coming up.
Do join their mailing list to be in the loop and to enjoy special members’ price too!
All promotions at Fashion Lunchbox are applicable to members only, so do be part of it!

Here are some of the products from their Chinese New Year collections.
Their CNY Collection Part 1 is just launched this morning, so visit them to see what they have for you!

They will also be implementing a VIP system.
Buy 10 pieces and above to quality to be their Platinum VIP.
All VIPs get to purchase their items at special prices, and there is no time limit for accumulating the 10 items!
The VIP promotion will only be valid from the 11th item onwards.
All VIP members also get to purchase the apparels one day before the official launch!


Written by SIXPEGS

January 24, 2010 at 8:30 pm

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  1. hi.
    i saw yr link on the 1912 website.
    i’m interested in the checked dress, pic 8
    where is it on the website? coz i can’t find it though..


    January 25, 2010 at 2:23 am

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