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Sunday Advertorials.

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Hello folks, time for shopping with the Sunday Advertorials again.

Look out for these established blogshops & be hooked on shopping virtually!

Time to shop the blues away, girls!

First blogshop featured this week has a gorgeous website to boast of!

If you’re looking for something new to wear, why not try the Amber Avenue?


Amber Avenue has a wide variety for girls with different fashion styles.

And what makes it more attractive is there will be a 5% off all future purchases is you sign up as member now.



Do you know that Amber Avenue also has a rack at Best of Blogshops (Far East Plaza) #01-62?

If you wanna get you hands on these gorgeous items, hurry there now!



The second website featured this week is no stranger to the Sunday Advertorials.

Runway Diva never fails to surprise and pamper us with their great collections!

Click on this link to visit Runway Diva now!

Decorative border ornament

Here are a couple SIXPEGS picks for you to see if you love them as much as I do!





These girls have also made things more convenient for us shoppers!

All the items that are still in stock are all featured on the same page

so that it’s really easy for us to navigate around.

Click on the logo below to visit their What’s Available page.



The next website featured this week one that promises comfortable, good quality clothes at reasonable prices always!

And if you’re looking for a blogshop that updates every single week,

look no further than Le Mod Closet!


Le Mod Closet not only have a unique name, but it also has a great collection of dresses and other apparels.

If you’re not convinced and wanna have a sneak peek of the goodies they have in there,

check these out right now!




Le Mod Closet has also generously given a 10% discount to all purchases above $60!

To save money as you’re spending,

CLICK and visit Le Mod Closet now!


The next website featured is one that is filled with exciting events and promotions!

Shopping Secrets shall tempt you with all their upcoming collections and discounts!


Their lifetime membership entitles all members to 5% off each regular price item.

The membership discount is stand alone though,

and may not be combined with other forms of promotions unless otherwise stated.

To be part of the lifetime membership programme, simply accumulate your purchases to up to $150.

& you can include past purchases too!

This promotion is only valid for all SIXPEGS readers.

Simply quote PEGOCT09 when ordering to enjoy the promotion!

And be sure to be part of their mailing list too, girls! :)

Look at SIXPEGS top picks from Shopping Secrets!




Good news for flea market lovers!

Shopping Secrets will be at Fashionista Series 4 Halloween Flea Market!

Venue: SMU, next to Koufu

Date: 31 October 2009 Saturday

Time: 1pm to 8pm

Stall Unit: A7

Look out for the Shopping Secrets girls at the flea market!

All ladies in the mailing list gets $1 cash rebate for each non-sale item purchase!


The last blogshop featured this week has a really adorable name.

They call themselves the Paper Bag Heads!

Coincidentally, these girls will be at the SMU flea market too!

Remember to look out for them.


The Paper Bag Head has just had a revamp on their website and now looking neater and sleeker,

they’re ready for bigger and more awesome collections!

The new website is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eyes.

Items available are also divided neatly into 3 sections New In, What’s Available and Sales.



What’s unique about this website is there are also photo filled blog entries to share little random pretty pictures and interesting stuff!

And for now, there will also be free normal postage for all who quotes SIXPEGS when ordering.

I love their clothes!

Well done Paper Bag Heads!


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this week’s Sunday Advertorials.

Have fun shopping and hope you’ll grab a couple lovely items from these shops.

For all blogshop owners who wish to be featured, please email me at sixpegs@gmail.com to find out more.


Written by SIXPEGS

October 4, 2009 at 4:35 pm

Posted in Advertorials

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