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Sunday Advertorials.

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polyvore collage

Hello ladies, here is another Sunday Advertorials this week!
I’ve made a cute lil collage & it’ll be the banner for advertorials every Sunday.

Hope you guys like it!

I hope that started this week’s Sunday Advertorials with a BANG!

The first blogshop featured this week is lovemiamore.
This blogshop is co-owned by my pretty friend, Portia.
And this beautiful lady sure got a good taste in clothes as well!
So rest assured – you’ll only be tempted by lots & lots of gorgeous clothes here!


Portia gently reminds all shoppers to grab the clothes soon if you like them!
The stocks are limited and they tend to go off the virtual racks really quickly.

I love this next dress featured here – work or play.




And good news for all SIXPEGS readers, free normal postage will be given.
Simply quote “SIXPEGS” in order chit to enjoy the promotion!



The next blogshop has a very adorable name – one that I totally LOVE!
Folks, warm round of applause for Button Down!


This blogshop is a little different from the rest.
It works on a pre-order system as all stocks are exclusively shipped in from Korea!
However, the supplier’s stocks run out really quickly!
So remember to grab the items you adore fast, ladies!



This blogshop also boast of cute little tee shirts for men.
The material is really durable & good for the Singapore weather.
& the designs are really adorable too – I think I should get one for Buttons!

The best thing is – for the men tees, sizes foe ladies are available too!

Double Hurray for us!

Last but not least, join their mailing list for more exciting offers!



The third shop this week has a pretty catchy name, It’s called 1912!
They have just shifted onto a new domain from their previous livejournal site.


And to celebrate that, they are producing their first exclusively imported items in the new Collection 5!

In line with all these hype and excitment, they are also giving away free postage for this new collection!

& if you’d like a good buy, you may want to check out their sale items here too.
Remember to quote “SIXPEGS” in the sales post for free postage too!



Remember to join the 1912 mailing list to be informed about their new arrivals and promotions!



The next blogshop is a little haven for all you ladies who loves feminine clothes.
As the name suggests, Lil Lacy Pearl stocks up on lots of girlie apparels!
If you’re a huge fan of lace, come on in!
It’s time to discover this blogshop today.


Lil Lacy Pearl not only carries clothes, but also bags & other accessories too!
And they update 2 to 3 times every month to wow you with more collections.

Here is a sneak peek of their new collection!





The last blogshop featured this week is another regular at Sunday Advertorials.
Treslovechic is back with a new and exciting collection to pamper you girls!

With 34 new designs, packed with lots of jackets and bodycon dresses,
there will surely be a couple which you’d love to bring home!




If you’re in need of another party or cocktail dress,
you’ll soon realise that Treslovechic is exactly the place you need to be.
I love the neat presentation of the website & the cute model!
Totally HAVE to love her hair!



And that’s all for Sunday Advertorials this week.
I hope you guys had lots of fun browsing through these few blogshops!
Remember to look out for the advertorials again next Sunday.



Written by SIXPEGS

September 6, 2009 at 3:58 pm

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  1. Hi Peggy, where did you get the first picture from? The one that has many dresses and accessories? Or do you know the brands? WOa.. Those are amazing. Thanks.. :)


    September 7, 2009 at 2:19 am

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