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I’m sitting alone at Starbucks in Ion now.
Finished my tall Iced Green Tea Latte,
not really done with that potato salad but the waiter kept it away
& I’m too shy to stop him, no idea why.
I guess it’s always quite hard for me to say “no”.
And that’s not a good trait.

I’m feeling rather random & need someone to talk to.
And because chatting up strangers aren’t exactly a normal thing
one should attempt to do in Singapore (trust me),
I’ve decided to turn to my little virtual space at SIXPEGS instead.

I was dressed in horrible oversized & over worn tee from Button’s wardrobe earlier.
And being the vain me,
I refuse to be caught trotting around in the “new Paragon” in my awful clothes.
So I did some shopping at topshop & bought another white singlet.
And F.Y.I, I think I got around 20 singlets at home.
Now I know where my money always go to.

I’m feeling fat & lazy & unhealthy today.
I feel like buying myself a new bra but am too lazy to remove my clothes.

The tiny screen on the iPod touch is giving me crossed eyes.
I think I better get back to people-watching.
Healthier for the eyes.



Written by SIXPEGS

August 11, 2009 at 4:11 pm

Posted in Rambles

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