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Sunday Advertorials.

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Sunday Advertorials here again.

First up this week is a new and exciting shop called HappyBurgers!
It is launched on 13th July 2009.
& although it’s still relatively new, the website is another up and coming one!

I love the pictures and presentation of this one.
I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Check out the new collection 2!



HappyBurgers wants to share the joy of wonderful knick-knacks,
fashion and love to the people around us!

They are not solely a fashion-based blogshop selling apparels.
We like to give a good mix of everything fun –
stationery, accessories and more knick-knacks coming soon!


They take great pride in the presentation of the website and pictures.
(which I totally adore!)
Click on them to check them out now!
Remember to join their mailing list to be informed of upcoming news!


Next up is a blogshop with a nice and romantic name, Rose Juliet!

This is one which brings in apparels from overseas,
so that means more effort & more exclusitivity for us.

I love that!

On top of that, check out the GSS promotions for Collection 3 too!

10% off total bill* for min purchase of 2 items.
20% off total bill* for min purchase of 3 items & above.

For buyers who purchase $58 & above nett will get free ANNA SUI whitening series package




Even if you didn’t fancy anything from Collection 3, no worries!
You’ll still enjoy 10% off total bill
when you purchase from previous collections!



Lastly, Rose Juliet will be offering free normal postage
for new members of the mailing list for their first purchase!

Shop fast and shop smart!
Click on Rose Juliet & have fun ladies!

I hope you love what’s recommended & featured this week.
Blogshops which think they are good or interesting to be featured,
Drop me an email at sixpegs@gmail.com to find out more about it!


Written by SIXPEGS

July 27, 2009 at 3:02 am

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