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Sunday Advertorials.

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How was the week, ladies?
I hope it has been fabulous for you girls.
I see that the hits have been higher today,
& I’m sorry I’m late for the reporting of new clothes on the rack this Sunday!

Happy Shopping!

lustmonday official watermark

It’s lustmonday again, better and bigger.
& I’m the lucky biatch who gets to wear all these pretty dresses!
But you can be the one to get one for yourself too.
Remember to get them while they’re still available! :)
Click on the logo above to be directed to the blogshop!

& here is a sneak peek of their sixth collection.


& a few of my favourites!

totally heart this vintage fabric –




Shopahoantics has a name I cannot forget.
Catchy, isn’t it?
I really love how they went all the way in to the middle of nowhere
to have their photoshoots done!
That’s 100 points for effort, ladies.

Show your support & pamper yourself in material if you fancy something!

Here are some of the sixpegs picks!





And last but definitely not the least is a blogshop
set up by this energetic & bubble duo.
Fashionpod racks up a huge selection of clothes you wouldn’t want to get your hands off.
A fairly newly set up website too, which is at their 2nd collection now!
So start clicking fast before everyone knows about them
& everything starts going “OOS”!



Fashionpod has generously offered 10% off the total price for all SIXPEGS readers.
Just scream, scribble or squirt “SIXPEGS” anywhere in your order chit
to claim your prize!




Written by SIXPEGS

July 6, 2009 at 4:25 am

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