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Sunday Advertorials.

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Welcome to this Sunday’s Advertorials!
I’ve got a smashing collection of 5 blogshops this week to showcase.
I’m surely at least 1 or 2 will be able to catch your attention!

First up is Dear Carol, a nice name inspired by a sparrow!
& that explains the motif found on this website.
They sell vintage dresses and blouses that are totally one of its kind.
Recently, this website has been bringing in trendy streetwear too.
So if you’re into vintage apparels, this is the place to go.

Remember to check out Dear Carol‘s beautiful look book for
more ideas on dolling yourself up too!


The second blogshop, called My Playground,
is definitely a playground for basics lovers.
This website is rather new & needs support from all blogshop lovers out there!
The best thing is, the prices here very affordable & reasonable!

Check out what are some of the good buys I’ve gathered!
Remember to check out this website now, ladies.





The third website, Bird Nest Fern, is something different for you girls today!
Everything from bracelets to necklaces to cellphone accessories,
this is your one stop accessories blogshop!


As part of the GSS promotions,
you can now purchase any 2 items and enjoy $4 off!

There are also mismatched earrings which I really love!
The best thing is, they also come in triplet sets to give you more room for creative mix & matching!
Earrings can also be opted to be clip on ones if your ears aren’t pierced!


Check this one out!
The bubble loop can also be used as a one sided earring or pendant.
& even as a bookmark or cellphone accessory
when hooked to the strap provided!
Customization also available.

The materials used are all of great quality & 14k gold plated rhodium,
so say byebye to tarnished accessories!
& if you spend more than $50, get a pair of free pixie earrings too!
Whoopee! What else are you waiting for!


The next blogshop has a name that leaves quite a deep impression.
I’m sure you’d love the down to earth feelings you get from I Love Being Real.
They speak about representing attitudes in life –
to hold on to one’s beliefs & true self.
Being passionate about life & to be hopeful and real.



The apparels from this website focuses on being simple, clean and wearable!
This blogshop is also having a couple promotions –
you can accumulate RealPoints with every purchase made &
be part of their mailing list to enjoy free postage too!

SIXPEGS readers are entitled to 15% discount
when they use code “i love sixpegs” as well!

Check out the website for more other promotions!

Now shop fast & shop smart too! :D



Last but definitely not the least for this Sunday Advertorials,
we’ve got Grandioseaffair with us!



Grandioseaffair will be giving all SIXPEGS readers a 5% discount
if you join their mailing list & quote sixpegs in your orders!

They have got really simple and nice dresses good to take us everywhere.
& I think the model looks a little like Gillian Chung!
You think so too?
Hehehe, PRETTY! :p



Remember to click on to see more of the items selling at Grandioseaffair!


Written by SIXPEGS

June 28, 2009 at 5:37 pm

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  1. Hi Peg,

    I am loving your updates always. Recently I have started my blogshop, do lend your support and help to advertise okaes..since your blog is always such a hit!

    Stay pretty



    June 29, 2009 at 10:35 am

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