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Sunday Advertorials

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Sunday Advertorials presents 4 blogshop features this week!
And really sorry for the late update because I just got back from Vietnam few hours ago!


This website really warms my heart because of the cute pictures with this 3 girls.
Closet Tree is a simple but nicely set up website that has essential basics that every girl needs.

Something not too extravagant, instead,
this website gives you a great variety to choose from if you’re looking for day-to-day wear!

Click on Closet Tree and start shopping with these girls now! :D

Karen’s Desire comes back again this month with more interesting apparels for us.
Here are a few picks from the two latest collections that gives us many designs to choose from.

I am loving the simple and clean feeling from this collection.

And the quirky and fun mood set up in this one! :)

One more new addition this week is from Tokyo Pink!
This new store has a great layout all in, you are correct, PINK!

This is one blogshop not to be missed if you’re the girly girl kind of dame.

Although prices are slightly more expensive than the other blogshops,
I can see that the designs available at this website is different from many others online.
So if you’re willing to pay for quality and exclusitivity, click on this way girls.

April Thirteen is another returning blogshop at Sunday Advertorials.
This blogshop provides quality imported apparels at ideal and affordable prices.
I have personally shopped here before & I have to comment on how prompt their email replies are!

How wonderful it is to be able to confirm your order all within 24hours!

April Thirteen dispatches parcels daily (except on non working days of course)
& also provide delivery based on your convenience at absolutely no additional charges!

What’s more is that these girls drop in surprise gifts now and then too! :)

    Click HERE to be part of their “Life Time Membership Scheme”.

    Remember to check out their new premium launch that consists of a range of classy & glamorous wears suitable for work or special functions!


Written by SIXPEGS

May 25, 2009 at 2:30 am

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