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Sunday Advertorials

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Lizzie Shop is no stranger to Sunday Advertorials.
This time, Elsa brought us more fabulous dresses that I’m totally loving!
The website is carefully crafted and shopping is made so easy at Lizzie’s.
Dresses, blouses or belts – you can view them all at a click.

This website is definitely a MUST-GO for those looking for office wear or party dresses!

The polka dot freak in me is loving this dress! :D

OH! And remember to check out the new items updated just today!

Another new comer this week is  Dressies Closet!
This blogshop gives off a very vibrant and energetic vibe.
The collections are clearly available in the archives section that is easily seen on the website.
I love the colorful dresses that the owner picked for the website!


The website itself is really cute, remember to check it out!

There will be a 5% discount for your readers,
simply by stating promo code: PEGGYC when placing order.
Discount valid till 10th May 2009.

This next blogshop is one that definitely excites me.
They are going to have their next collection on either 30th April or 1st May,
and I’m sure all the other girls will be super thrilled too!

What’s better, these girls agreed to give all sixpegs readers $2 off every piece purchased.
To enjoy the discount, mention that you’re one of sixpegs readers and add yourself to their mailing list!
Anyone who links them and blog vaguely about them in their personal blog will also enjoy 10% discount for one month!

I know, what shop is this right?
Click on and start shopping at Vogue Femme now!

This next blogshop is solely managed by Kristine, a girl who has passion about fashion from all corners of the world.
Do expect extremely exclusive designs and high quality apparels which are not common to other blogshops locally.
Kristine sources all the items personally from her oversea suppliers.

Kristineyunny makes sure that you enjoy exclusitivity in the choice of apparels at reasonable pricings!
Backorders for a specific piece is limited to only 10 slots,
so be quick for the limited gorgeous stuff!

No more walking along Orchard Road to find another few girls wearing that same dress as you!
All these and more could come at a discount of 10% too.
Simply mention that you’re a reader of sixpegs and whisk those loot away at a cheaper price!

And I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Sunday Advertorials!


Written by SIXPEGS

April 26, 2009 at 5:17 pm

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  1. Babe… wrong link eh… for the pic on Dressies Closet :)


    April 28, 2009 at 1:41 pm

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