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Hello to all.
Long time since I last had an update on blogshops, isn’t it? 

I’ve thought about it.
I’ll keep it to a maximum of 3 blogshops per entry.
And there will only be ONE advertorial every week.

For this week, I’ve got 2 new shops of totally different styles
and also a returning blogshop to show off their new collections.

Avenue 29 is a new shop who has pretty cool clothes.
The variety is pretty big so everyone should go take a peek at this website!
I personally like those really colorful ones!
Hard to find them on other websites.

And what made them even more attractive are the prices of these apparels!
Most of the pieces are going at prices less than $20!
And majority of the rest are under $25 too.


I’m sure it’s gonna be selling like hotcakes after the advertorials!

This website gives me a very different feel as compared to the rest I advertised for.
That’s why I think I should do a writeup for KittyStar

Very cool and punk kinda layout!
And the clothes they carry are young and energetic looking,
extremely suitable for the adventurous chicks I’d say!

I love the tees they have!
Very loud and colorful! :D
Totally dig some of the glamorous dresses they have too.
OH! And remember to check out the diamond motif necklace they have.

Totally FETCH! Hahahaha.

And last but definitely not the least,
we’ve got Karen’s Desire again.
This blogshop got really demure and feminine clothes.
And I really love those I picked up!
Really cute! And I’m really a sucker when it comes to cute prints!
They will be launching their latest collection on Tuesday night.
SO, please be prepared to check them out on time! 

Check these out meanwhile,
I’m sure you’d find these cute too!


Written by SIXPEGS

March 30, 2009 at 2:32 am

Posted in Advertorials

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