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Presenting Belle La Fleur with their latest collection!

With everything from cute oversized tees to glamourous dresses,
this is definitely your favorite one-stop get it all website!

Just from these outfits I picked,
you will be able to go everywhere from school to party to a day out to parties!
The clothes are all handpicked by the friendly owners.
And while shopping here,
be pampered by easy navigation and neat layout of this website.

This is another website I personally adored!
Prices are clearly labeled with specifications all laid out beside the pictures.
Runway Bandits not only have cute collections,
but also trendy owners to be your personal fashion guides!

I love how this tee look so vintage.
Reminds me of my own PE tee (which I LOVE ah!)

Feel funky and want to stand out from the crowd out there?
Click on Runway Bandits and go crazy shopping now!


Written by SIXPEGS

February 19, 2009 at 6:50 am

Posted in Advertorials

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