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i haven’t been to school for the last 3 days of this week.
other than monday which is a free day for me,
i haven’t been a good student at all.
but well, tuesday is my anniversary with dada miu.
hmm… it is quite a valid reason to skip school for this annual event right?
so on the whole, i only skipped school for a day.

well, i’m really good at finding excuses for myself.

i caught “ratatouille” with miumiu today!
not exactly 5 stars kind of flick,
but i’d say it has satisfied the child in me. :*)
miumiu is going to be busy busy as a bee working at the SAF Open House
for the next 5 days.
it is equivalent to more than 12 hours of sweat everyday.

poor dada miu! *hugs*

i’m poor thing too.
no love from my busy boyfriend for the next 5 days.
fortunately i have my darling girlfriends!
i’ll be having a date with my beloved sindy dear on friday!
and seeing liying again tomorrow before she heads back to canada again.
i bumped into cheewei few days ago on the train as well.
and i have to admit that i have missed him!
he has been a terribly good friend to me.
and i really think we have alot of catching up to do.
i want to go cafe del mar too!
i love that place to the core!
it rocks so hard! :) :) :)

aye aye aye!
it’s time to do some catching up with my friends this weekend!
and make sure i keep up with schoolwork of course!

goodnight earthlings!


Written by SIXPEGS

August 29, 2007 at 2:51 pm

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