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it was a busy busy day for me.
i lived on a packet of milk and raisins for the entire day until dinner time.
but i guess it’s a good plan for me.
since i’m like becoming really rou rou (fleshy) now.

i had a shoot at kandi bar today for a TVC
where i’m supposed to be a girl in a club,
hiding in the toilet watching soccer on my mobile
and holding up the entire queue.

yea. sounds quite cute right? :*)

samantha was involved in the shoot too!
and i cannot explain how much better things are with her around!
at least i’ve got someone to talk to and all.
yea! *hugs sam*
and i’m so glad we’ll be hanging out again this sat at cafe del mar girl!

she’s like one of the cutest and funniest girls around.
hope everything is fine for you too, dear.
be happy aye! *hugs*

i think peggy just lost her chin and jawbones.

the girls there today looked really hot!
and i really love the wardrobe provided by Fluid Productions.

this is crystal!
i thought she is like REALLY REALLY hot since the first time i saw her!
pardon that wayang-looking monster beside her.
but look at her! i think she’s like totally my kind of girl!
and she’s really helpful too! :*)

i kinda like the top!
it’s from CK by the way.

and i took alot of random pictures.
(that’s what i do best anyway)

that’s samantha doing her shot for the TVC! :*)

i really like this shot actually!
a view from the director’s little screen.
you can imagine me buzzing around the set taking random pictures.

kandi bar’s mascot has got to be this harmless looking crocodile.
because he is practically EVERYWHERE!

the girls are made to hold glasses of Gatorades and sparkling juices.

i REALLY love the colours here!
wanted to take a better shot but i’m kinda shy to blatantly take pictures like that.

i took a slow walk to the train station after the shoot.
bought nuggets from MACS and strolled along the river binging on the way.
and it feels really good, i’d say!

when i see others feasting in those fancy restaurants,
i’d bite into my nugget and imagine that it’s like some cheesy oysters or smtg.
i know it sounds silly.
but it kinda worked for me because i really sort tasted cheesy oysters!

i know i’m beginning to sound crazy already.
i sat by the river and ate nuggets alone too!
i know it sounds really pathetic.
but i sort of enjoyed the solitude there.

met up with my TADAH boyfriend for dinner.
(TADAH – tall and dark and handsome)
i hope you don’t puke.

i think i’ve been feeding on his portion of food too much.
he’s becoming skinny like a monkey while i’m putting on the weight.
now even he calls me BBD
(BBD – bah bah dear)


i’m doing the judging for this bash held by some group of people from NUS tmr @ Zouk.
and it’s pretty exciting for me because it’s the first time i’m being a judge!
*hops around*
so yea, i hope i can have gorgeous people to judge on tomorrow night!

i’m getting extremely stressed up over school lately.
i think it is really getting the better of me already.
everything just seems screwed up in school,
and i’m feeling the heat from all the expectations etc.
i feel so helpless and incapable at times.
and it doesn’t help at all when i feel that
i don’t exactly have anyone to count on in school.
pardon my whinings. everything’s gonna be alright soon i guess.
i really should learn to count my blessings.

aite, let’s end the post with this cute picture i took w cat just now.
goodnight world.*


Written by SIXPEGS

August 14, 2007 at 5:16 pm

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  1. that’s a sweet ending picture!


    August 15, 2007 at 3:33 am

  2. miu and you look so darn good together. :)
    i’m so glad that both of you are back in each other’s arms again.
    take care, woman. :)


    August 15, 2007 at 3:15 pm

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